The first of its kind in Vietnam, the #iAMHCMC gazette is a widely distributed print and online publication from the largest travel and living information provider in the country, City Pass Guide.

Built from the ground up to appeal to a targeted audience of English-speaking working professionals, the gazette is a sleek, 36- to 40-page, full-colour monthly print publication. Each issue features a central theme with articles pertaining to living in Ho Chi Minh City, two pages of Vietnamese news, along with sections focusing on travel, food, education and health and fun additions like comics, reviews, events and more.

The gazette is available in print and online format. Over 5,000 printed copies are distributed monthly to selected venues, managers, and executives, as well as given out by hand to target mid to high-end residents by the our team. The online edition has reached over 17,500 subscribers as of December 30, 2016. It is also available on in desktop, tablet and mobile formats.

Copies Printed per Month
Distribution Locations
Pages on Average


  • 272mm (w) x 420mm (h)
  • Total no of pages 36 to 40 pages
  • Paper Couche Matte, 80g
  • Quality Offset printing, 4 colours, 2 sides
  • Language English
  • Periodicity Monthly (Issued on 20th of each month)
  • Distribution (Offline) Leading office buildings, apartments, restaurants and cafes in HCMC
  • Distribution (Online) Through email to over 17,500 working professional, expatriates and high-profile Vietnamese
  • Circulation (Print) 5,000 copies per month

Key Selling Points

      • We focus on English-speaking business leaders and influencers
      • We target the well educated expat and Vietnamese market in HCMC
      • Our premium readers have a sizeable income and a good purchasing power
      • We are the most widely distributed free English-language newspaper in the city
      • Our content is updated, credible, meaningful, interesting and fun to read
      • Our dedicated section for news has exclusive English translations of important pieces previously available only in Vietnamese
      • Our online content is mobile friendly and easy to use, with many interactive options
      • We offer a unique solution to satisfy both print and online advertising needs at once
      • Our limited number of pages and advertising placements increases your ROI.
      • you’ll receive a precise report of your advertisement performance online

Table of Contents

  • News Recap
  • Advertorial
  • Features
  • Events

Pricing Advertisements

Item Description x1 issue x3 issues x6 issues x12 issues
Back cover full page Format: 260mm (w) x 340mm (h) 56M 50M 45M 40M
Double page spread Format: 440mm (w) x 305mm (h) 58M 52M 47M 43M
Inside back cover Format: 260mm (w) x 340mm (h) 44M 40M 36M 32M
Full page Format: 220mm (w) x 305mm (h) 32M 29M 26M 23M
1/3 page Vertical: 71mm (w) x 305mm (h) Horizontal: 220mm (w) x 100mm (h) 14M 12.5M 11.5M 10M
1/5 page Vertical: 71mm (w) x 246mm (h) Horizontal: 220mm (w) x 57mm (h) 9M 8M 7M
Box Format: 71mm (w) x 57mm (h)) 3M 2.7M
Flyer* A5 Format: A5 format 14M
A4 Format: A4 format 19M
Full page advertorial/review** 500-700 words, 1-2 photos 28M
Double page advertorial/review** 1,000-1,400 words, 3-4 photos 48M
Event listing (print and online) 140-180 words, 1-2 photos/logos 3.7M 3.2M 2.8M 2.4M
Additional creative services
Photo shoot 5 photos 4.4M
Advertisement design 5M


  • All prices are in VND and are exclusive of 10% VAT.
  • Terms of payment: payments are due before publishing date (conditions apply).
  • The buyer’s logo to be featured on #iAMHCMC Email newsletters for any purchase.
  • * 5000 flyers to be provided by clients 2 weeks before publishing date.
  • ** + Any costs attached to writer’s visit/ inspection of venue/location to be covered by client.
  • Clients can use the content for any internal or external marketing activities after crediting the original creator and City Pass Guide.
  • Advertorial to be featured on the Website Blog and #iAMHCMC Email newsletter.

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