City Pass is proud to introduce another first in Vietnam with our new Maps and Billboards. Focusing on travellers and locals of all nationalities, we are introducing another great product to help you promote your destination and business to potential customers here and now!

Every edition includes an accurate user-friendly map, packed full of great deals and coupons.



  • A3 Size Folded 3×6
  • Weights: 100gsm (map)
  • 250gsm card stock (covers)
  • Languages: English and Japanese (when available)
  • Circulation (HCMC): 16,000 copies/edition
  • Circulation (Hanoi): 16,000 copies/edition
  • Periodicity: One edition every two months

The map gives your customer an overview of the city, pointing out various elements any traveller will need.

The deals and coupons offer valuable discounts to current and potential clients, ensuring you get the most advertising value for your money.



Key points

  • Perfect pocket size
  • The only multilingual map with deals & coupons for your destination.
  • 16,000 copies per edition (two months)
  • Simple and easy to read
  • Great deals and updated information

Your advertisement for only $0.01 per map!

Take our recommendations into consideration when deciding what to offer in your deal:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 2 get 1 free
  • Discount of 20% or more on specific items
  • Group discounts on bill
  • Something for free with presentation of map
  • Exclusive promotions or prices




Coupon colour indicates the category your coupon belongs to.

Logo(s) should be in raw files (*AI, *PSD, *TIFF, *CDR). If you don’t have your logo in this format, don’t worry. You can still provide a *JPG. If your logo is in *JPG, it should be at least 2×2 cm at 300dpi in CMYK coulourspace. If you can’t figure out what colourspace your logo is in, we will change it to CMYK. NOTE: if we are changing from a different colourspace into CMYK, your logo may be a slightly different colour than the original.

Photo should be at least 4×4 cm with 300dpi and CMYK color. As mentioned above, if your photo isn’t in CMYK, we will change it for you. If we change it, there is a small possibility that the colour will be slightly different than the original.



Pricing Hanoi – HCMC Map

Price per edition
Item Description x6 issues x12 issues
2/3 Coupon Back side of the map Format: 65mm (w) x 60mm (h) 6M 5M
Back full coupon Advertisement/coupon on back side of the map Format: 65mm (w) x 90mm (h) 8M 7M
Back double coupon Advertisement/coupon on back side of the map Horizontal: 130mm (w) x 90mm (h) Vertical: 65mm (w) x 180mm (h) 13M 11M
Front full coupon Advertisement/coupon on front side of the map Format: 65mm (w) x 90mm (h) 14M 12M
Front double page Advertisement front side of the map Horizontal: 130mm (w) x 90mm (h) Vertical: 65mm (w) x 180mm (h) 25M 21M
Back cover (exclusive) Advertisement Format: 75mm (w) x 105mm (h) 21M 18M
Design Service 3M
  • All our prices are in VND and VAT exclusive (10%)
  • Minimum commitment is for 12 months (six editions).
  • Each map edition lasts two months
  • Space is limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis.