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Innovo JSC is looking for new recruits for the following job openings:

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Marketing Strategist/Planner –> Click here for full details on the position

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The Innovo Team

Meet our dedicated staff

Patrick Gaveau Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO Patrick, the world’s biggest fan of impromptu speeches, knows how to captivate the masses and is an expert in making inappropriate jokes. Special companies need special frontmen. Meet Patrick and you’ll know INNOVO JSC has hit the jackpot.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Vietnam is my home, it has given me so much. Every day, we share the love we receive from the people of Vietnam. Being the head of this unique leading publisher and agency allows me to continuously innovate, learn and grow. Here, I can strive to do what I care most about, accomplish my dream

Paul Espinas Chief Marketing Officer

Paul, our Chief Marketing Officer, is pas- sionate about pursuing daring ideas that help build brands, grow businesses and engage and empower people. After re- ceiving his master’s degree in marketing from Melbourne University, Paul went on to become the Director of Marketing at Vietnam Works where he worked for four years. Paul has more than 10 years of experience in marketing with an emphasis on digital platforms.

Benjamin Giroux Sales Manager

INNOVO JSC? Owned! Co-owned to be exact – by our Senior Account Manager, Ben. He’s a salesman, but don’t blame him for that because he’s frighteningly good at it! He’s the kind of guy you want to be at your party: a fun lad who knows how to drink. Well… a salesman, we’ve said it.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Being part of INNOVO JSC has been and continues to be a great experience. I love Vietnam. I love the Vietnamese. Being able to help promote this beautiful country is a great honour.

Stefan Georg Chief Technical Officer

Growing up in Germany and America, Stefan provides invaluable insight into the growing digital market. Formally trained in Computer Science, Stefan has experience in backend coding as well as web design and database management. Creating innovative, yet simple solutions to real world problems through computing has become his absolute strength. Stefan has lived in Vietnam for 5 years and is now happily married and has a dog.

Celine Huynh Chief Finance/Admin Officer

Celine is a French finance expert who su- pervises the accounting and administra- tive needs of the company and makes the financial analysis for the company’s board. As the company’s chief financial execu- tive, anything that has to do with money is supervised by her. Together with our chief accountant, Huynh Nhut Minh, Celine is responsible for all the company’s financial activity including invoicing clients, paying the company’s many contractors and su- Minh is originally from the Ben Tre prov- ince. After graduating from the Bank- ing University of HCMC with a major in Finance, Minh went on to work at HFC

Thao Dao Executive Assistant/HR Manager

Effective senior management requires an assistant to fill many roles for the CEO: fixer, translator (particularly in Vietnam), go-be- tween and partner. This is Thao’s role as ex- ecutive assistant. A mother of two, her approach to her work is similarly maternal. With grace and gen- erosity, she is a resource for not only Innovo JSC’s executive leadership but also for the staff. Thao works closely with the CEO and works to implement the company’s vision in its day-to-day activities.

Minh Huynh Chief Accountant

Minh is originally from the Ben Tre prov- ince. After graduating from the Bank- ing University of HCMC with a major in Finance, Minh went on to work at HFC Engineering LTD for five years. Her job in- cluded many different types of accounting. She was the purchase accountant, general accountant and chief accountant.

Albus Ha IT Manager

enior IT staffer Albus is our resident com- puter guru. Over the years, our digital properties have grown to include an app as well as a website rich with photo, video content and original written work. Because our website is one of a kind, the digital infrastructure that makes it up is similarly unique. It requires a talented programmer who understands not only the language of code, but also the website’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Rob Van Driesum Senior Editor

Rob is a Dutch Australian who grew up in five countries in Asia and Africa before finishing high school and university in the Netherlands, majoring in Modern Asian History and American Studies. He has visited some 80-plus countries, 65 of them by motorcycle. After riding his motorcycle from Amsterdam to Australia, he became the editor of a motorcycle magazine in Melbourne, and then ended up as the travel guidebook publisher at Lonely Planet’s Melbourne headquarters.

Molly Headley Content Manager

Prior to working at Innovo JSC, Molly re- ceived her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts in the United States, was short-listed for Fulbright schol- arships in 2005 and 2006, and completed a master’s degree in creative writing at the University of Oxford in England. Molly has been published in numerous mag- azines and books focused on travel and short fiction, and has been working as an ed- itor, copywriter and translator for more than six years.

Hieu Nguyen Sales Freelancer

Our Sales Freelancer Hieu is not always here, but when she is, she stays late. People call her ‘Selfie’, and it’s for a reason. Never has a company get-together been better documented than when Hieu is around. You better plan out your poses before you meet her!

Sivaraj Pragasm Writer/FilmMaker

Sivaraj is a writer/filmmaker originally from Singapore, but now based in Saigon. Sivaraj’s background is in advertising, including creative direction and execution roles with some of the biggest ad agencies in the world. He has also created short films that have been showcased in film festivals and mini-documentary series.

Jon Aspin Writer

Jon Aspin is a professional freelance writer based in Vietnam since 2014. His key skills include writing accurate and engaging copy and editorial content as well as editing. He is also adept at creating and executing good content ideas, and managing and motivating people. Jon has written for Word Vietnam, Any Arena and has edited content for Vietnam’s most read daily newspaper Tuoi Tre.

J.K Hobson Writer

J.K. Hobson hails from New York City, where he dove headlong into the music scene in the ‘80s and ‘90s. He first caught the traveling bug upon joining Crisis, a prominent band in the NYC underground scene. After moving to Los Angeles, releasing an album with the band, and years of touring, J.K. began more academic pursuits and in 2016 was awarded a Fulbright scholarship for teaching English.

Mervin Lee Writer/Photographer

Mervin Lee is an event photographer from Singapore who is now focused on lifestyle and photojournalism in Ho Chi Minh City. His key strengths include food culture as well a kindred understanding of specialty coffee in Vietnam. His typical day involves swerving within the city between assignments, and discovering new or hidden eating establishments waiting to be unraveled to an international audience.

Hera Nguyen Designer in Chief

Hera Nguyen is a graphic designer, editor, events planner and blogger. She graduat- ed from HCMC University of Law but decided to change direction when she fell into the beautiful world of fashion. In 2002, Hera started a new life by teaching herself graphic design. If it’s visual, Hera has made it. As the company’s lead designer, she is responsible for making sure all of Innovo’s output-the monthly #iAMHCMC Gazette, the City Pass Guidebook, our marketing materials and more are presented in a visually interesting and appealing way.

Fabrice Turri Video Producer/Journalist/Writer

A graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg and Toulouse School of Journalism, Fabrice Turri began his career working for several French television channels as a reporter and cameraman. In 2006, Fabrice was recruited for the position of Audiovisual Attaché at the French Embassy in Vietnam, which he held until 2008.His roles included organising cinematographic events and collaborating with major Vietnamese television and radio channels.

Oyvind Sveen Designer/Cartoonist/Artist

The first thing that #iAMHCMC’s readers will see on the monthly magazine is the cover. And with Oyvind’s imaginative eye, it’s hard not to notice. Oyvind has worked as the magazine’s cover artist for many years. He works in an artistic style that is unabashedly fun and colour forward. His approach ranges from a car toon like style that depicts human figures as caricatures to a plain realism that uses more true to life forms and colours to tell the various stories of Vietnam.

Sarah Pham Sales Team Leader

A former business administration student in France, Sarah Pham is a self-professed francophile.This love of French culture is part of what has made Sarah committed to the goals and development at City Pass Guide, where she is part of an international team of French and Vietnamese nationals. In her role as sales team leader, Sarah encourages her staff to think independently as she works to establish and coordinate sales strategies.

Chau Luu Account Manager

Chau graduated from Ton Duc Thang Uni- versity with a Bachelor’s degree in 2013 and went on to work at CADO coworking space as a Business Development Executive. As an Account Manager at Innovo, she meets and deals with advertising for hotels, restaurants, spas, clubs, and bars.

Hang Luong Business Development Coordinator Assistant

Hang graduated from the Sai Gon Technology University with a Bachelor’s degree. Prior to joining the team at Innovo, she worked for Sillvrr Vision financial company as an assessment specialist. Hang currently holds the role of Business Development Assistant at Innovo. The company’s values suit her perfectly because travel, culture and food are three things that she is passionate about.

Lien Nguyen Marketing Assistant

Lien began her tertiary education at Can Tho University in 2013. She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of English. After finishing her studies, Lien was able to gain work experience as a project administration assistant at MSV Event and Media company. Now as a marketing assistant at Innovo, Lien is partially in charge of customer service as well as being part of the idea team’ for Innovo’s marketing campaigns. After work, you can find Lien in her kitchen, at a marketing event or enjoying a coffee with friends.

Thomas Kevernnic Marketing Coordinator

Have you ever met those people in your life who just are marketing? Our Marketing Coordinator Thomas is marketing at INNOVO JSC. He tells us what you people out there want because we honestly don’t have a clue. Female visitors might like him: he goes to the gym and has a cute French accent.

What you like about Innovo JSC? I love working at INNOVO JSC because I can be part of a cosmopolitan team working together to achieve something truly meaningful: to provide credible information about this beautiful country to people who love it as much as we do.

Nhu Tong Marketing Assistant

Nhu received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (National University, HCMC). Before joining the team at Innovo, Nhu worked for an innovative Vietnamese fashion brand. She then decided to switch gears into the marketing field because she loves creativity and change.

Tran Ngoc My Digital Assistant

You see all the beautiful content on our website? You want to know who made this happen? The most important person in our company did: Digital Assistant My. Because what’s the best content good for at the end of the day if nobody properly uploads it?

What you like about Innovo JSC? INNOVO JSC has given me the chance to work in a new business environment – and I appreciate that! I love working here because everyone is friendly and professional. I’m learning a lot from my colleagues.

Trang Doan Data & Marketing Executive

Trang graduated from Thu Duc college of Technology with a degree in Business Administration, office computer level B. Prior to joining Innovo, she worked at Ngan An Media, receiving requests for advertising as well as organising programs for VTC6 Channel.

Yan Lerval Photo and Video Producer

After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in the United States, French photographer Yan Lerval went on to work in photo and press agencies around the world. Ten years ago, Yan settled in Ho Chi Minh City where he continues to live and work as a photographer and videographer for global travel magazines, corporate photography, family and wedding portraits and aerial video and photography.

Huong Pham Traffic Coordinor

Part project manager and part client care, the role of a Traffic Manager is to make sure our partners’ needs are met in a timely manner by matching them with the right City Pass Guide staffer and resources. It’s a role Huong handles with patience, grace and finesse.

Tien HCMC Distributor

So we’ve put together a guidebook, map or gazette and printed it. What now? Somebody has to bring it to the people! Our HCMC Distributor Tien does just that for INNOVO JSC, and believe us, that this is some serious work. So we want to give a shout-out to the man who spreads our word!

What you like about Innovo JSC? I love to work with INNOVO JSC because it allows me to experience how varied Ho Chi Minh City’s offer of bars, restaurants and hotels really is. Working with the international team that finds those places broadens my horizon each