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Innovo JSC is looking for new recruits for the following job openings:

Business Development Assistant–> Click here for full details on the position

Community​ ​Manager–> Click here for full details on the position

Business Development Manager –> Click here for full details on the position

Marketing Strategist/Planner –> Click here for full details on the position

Sale Director –> Click here for full details on the position

  • If you are interested in the position, please send you CV and a motivation letter to
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called. If you are not contacted within 3 weeks, kindly note that your application is not considered for this position.

The Innovo Team

Meet our dedicated staff

Patrick Gaveau Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO Patrick, the world’s biggest fan of impromptu speeches, knows how to captivate the masses and is an expert in making inappropriate jokes. Special companies need special frontmen. Meet Patrick and you’ll know INNOVO JSC has hit the jackpot.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Vietnam is my home, it has given me so much. Every day, we share the love we receive from the people of Vietnam. Being the head of this unique leading publisher and agency allows me to continuously innovate, learn and grow. Here, I can strive to do what I care most about, accomplish my dream

Benjamin Giroux Sales Manager

INNOVO JSC? Owned! Co-owned to be exact – by our Senior Account Manager, Ben. He’s a salesman, but don’t blame him for that because he’s frighteningly good at it! He’s the kind of guy you want to be at your party: a fun lad who knows how to drink. Well… a salesman, we’ve said it.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Being part of INNOVO JSC has been and continues to be a great experience. I love Vietnam. I love the Vietnamese. Being able to help promote this beautiful country is a great honour.

Stefan Georg Chief Technical Officer

Growing up in Germany and America, Stefan provides invaluable insight into the growing digital market. Formally trained in Computer Science, Stefan has experience in backend coding as well as web design and database management. Creating innovative, yet simple solutions to real world problems through computing has become his absolute strength. Stefan has lived in Vietnam for 5 years and is now happily married and has a dog.

Philippe Chambraud Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager Philippe is a French gourmet with a walking-high spirit. If you’ve always dreamed of rightfully using the word ‘jovial’, meet this man. Most notably, he stated that France is home to the best cakes in the world and proved his case to us impressively.

What you like about Innovo JSC? I met our CEO Patrick many years ago and I was extremely happy when Patrick asked me to join, as I believe in his ability to take INNOVO JSC to new heights and I love working with this team.

Keely Burkey Written Content Manager

The journalistic centrepiece of our team, Written Content Manager Keely knows how to find the hottest stories in the city, what questions to ask and where to find the people with the answers. Favourite Vietnamese dish: instant noodles.

What you like about Innovo JSC? There’s no end to stories in Vietnam, and I love having the opportunity to tell them here at INNOVO JSC. No matter where you look or what hem you wander down, there’s a tale just waiting to be told. Every day I’m learning a little bit more!

Emilio Piriz Visual Content Manager

Visual Content Manager Emilio is the man who adds the colour to all the black and white in our lives. A photographer by vocation, he brings a smile to every face. Not the right person if you like to talk, though, because THIS – MAN – DOESN’T – BREATHE. Did we mention he’s Spanish?

What you like about Innovo JSC? Vietnam is a photographer’s paradise. Smiles on people’s faces, the scenery and all the pagodas make me want to click the shutter at all times. At INNOVO JSC, I strive to bring all of this together in photo and video.

Dinh Phuong Tung Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer Tung is an artist. How you can tell? You don’t have to tell, style does. And Tung has it. Oh, he also makes magnificent designs. Beware though: he has a brown belt in karate and occasionally gives colleagues a punch.

What you like about Innovo JSC? I got here by sheer chance, and if I had to state that one reason for me to stay, it would be my supervisor Trang. She taught me that arguments can indeed be constructive, and that cats and dogs can peacefully coexist.

Thomas Kevernnic Marketing Coordinator

Have you ever met those people in your life who just are marketing? Our Marketing Coordinator Thomas is marketing at INNOVO JSC. He tells us what you people out there want because we honestly don’t have a clue. Female visitors might like him: he goes to the gym and has a cute French accent.

What you like about Innovo JSC? I love working at INNOVO JSC because I can be part of a cosmopolitan team working together to achieve something truly meaningful: to provide credible information about this beautiful country to people who love it as much as we do.

Albus Nguyen Senior Developer

Every company needs a nerd. Don’t get us wrong, our Senior Developer Ai is far from being one! But well, she’s our IT expert... profession obliges, after all. She also likes spontaneously giving away free neck massages, which somewhat makes her the glue that holds this company together.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Working at an international company like INNOVO JSC allows me to practice many languages, for instance Python, JavaScript, CSS and many more.

Minh Thien Tran Digital Marketing Analyst

How do you picture a Digital Marketing Analyst? Admit it, like the photo below! Minh is the one to tell our Content Team off for poor articles because he has proof for his claim: it’s hidden somewhere in those myriads of numbers!

What you like about Innovo JSC? Working at INNOVO JSC gives me the chance to better understand my own country. Together, we – locals and expats – strive to make Vietnam’s tourism the best it can be.

Hoang Oanh Project Coordinator

Every office needs a boss and why shouldn’t that boss go by the modest title of Project Coordinator? Oanh is the person we run to when we’ve run out of drinking water or a client is mean to us. She’ll show them!

What you like about Innovo JSC? INNOVO JSC is giving me the chance to work with an amazing team and learn from my highly talented colleagues. Great pieces make an even greater pie and I love to be a part of it. I also like pies.

Nguyen Thi Bich My Chief Accountant

Our Chief Accountant My somehow reminds one of the 50s, when accountants were still preppy, lovely dames – as far as one can tell from American movies – rather than harsh, podgy men wearing socks and sandals. My is accounting gone charming.

What you like about Innovo JSC? Working at INNOVO JSC gives me the opportunity to improve my English. This is a great company to learn from, just by watching how everybody here does their job. And, self-praise or not, I do think our guidebook and gazette are more than worthwhile reading.

Fatima Espejo Merchandise Coordinator

Our Merchandise Coordinator Fatima is the proud owner of INNOVO JSC’s most lovely laughter. When she’s not laughing, she helps searching the country for those venues we haven’t liaised with yet. If you get caught, remember: it’s thanks to Fatima!

What you like about Innovo JSC? To me, INNOVO JSC represents new opportunities, creativity, disrupting ideas, teamwork and communication. Here you can truly feel that every link in the chain is important to achieve a great task.

Hieu Nguyen Sales Freelancer

Our Sales Freelancer Hieu is not always here, but when she is, she stays late. People call her ‘Selfie’, and it’s for a reason. Never has a company get-together been better documented than when Hieu is around. You better plan out your poses before you meet her!

Tran Ngoc My Digital Assistant

You see all the beautiful content on our website? You want to know who made this happen? The most important person in our company did: Digital Assistant My. Because what’s the best content good for at the end of the day if nobody properly uploads it?

What you like about Innovo JSC? INNOVO JSC has given me the chance to work in a new business environment – and I appreciate that! I love working here because everyone is friendly and professional. I’m learning a lot from my colleagues.

Tien HCMC Distributor

So we’ve put together a guidebook, map or gazette and printed it. What now? Somebody has to bring it to the people! Our HCMC Distributor Tien does just that for INNOVO JSC, and believe us, that this is some serious work. So we want to give a shout-out to the man who spreads our word!

What you like about Innovo JSC? I love to work with INNOVO JSC because it allows me to experience how varied Ho Chi Minh City’s offer of bars, restaurants and hotels really is. Working with the international team that finds those places broadens my horizon each