Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective online marketing tool per dollars spent.

Email Marketing is a useful resource to keep clients engaged with the company´s content and latest updates while reaching new potential customers as well as being a platform to generate conversions, promote new products and launches. etc. at a very cost-effective rates.

Segmentation is another advantage of Email marketing, which allows businesses to classify their audiences and therefore tailor the messages to each of them with different goals and objectives; email can also be automated for some actions readers and users perform on either the newsletter or the website, resulting in a trigger for the follow-up email as a part of the buyer´s journey or an specific marketing campaign.


Several reasons why you may need to start taking advantage of Email Marketing campaigns:

  • Ability to reach a wide audience
  • Engage with existing and potential clients in a very cost-effective way
  • Easy to track the performance of each campaign
  • Personalise and brand your email marketing campaigns
  • Promote your products / services in a creative and original way

How can you effectively reach the different groups within your audience (i.e. filter by country, work, etc.)?

What we will do

  • Work with Sales & Marketing departments in your business on a monthly basis to establish goals, KPIs and content
  • Schedule Email Marketing campaigns for each area of interest (seasonal discounts, promotions, offers, new features or products, special dates or events…)
  • Design Email Marketing templates consistent with your brand identity
  • Track performance (open rates, CTR,…) and elaborate reports per campaign
  • Email database management

Venue obligations

  • Provide content and images for the different email marketing campaigns
  • Effective and transparent 2-way communication is essential for success in achieving the goals and objectives set prior to the campaign
  • Approve the draft 48 hours before it´s scheduled to be delivered
  • Provide email database and information for proper segmentation


We provide a comprehensive report for every newsletter. Besides detailing the basics such as Open Rate and Click through Rate, we will supply a click-map of all links you placed across your campaign, geolocalization of all recipients who interacted (open, click, share) with your campaign, social media buzz generated by the campaign, and much more. In a nutshell, you´ll be able not only to communicate with all your customers through a cool designed newsletter, but also to send targeted follow-up campaigns based on your data and analytics.

Industry best articles about Email Marketing

  • $40
    • Campaign set-up and design
    • Select links and anchor texts
    • Social sharing display
    • Reporting
    • Minimum 10 campaigns
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  • $55
    • Produce and edit SEO-friendly original content prior discussion with client about topics to choose
    • Can be purchased individually (Production = $25USD      Editing = $35USD)
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  • $40
    • Price depends on languages
    • Available in Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, English
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Innovo email database use cost: on demand