Other Social Media Tools


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As one of the newcomers to the social media sphere, Pinterest is already gaining a large user base. It is photo based, allows sharing, and will be adding geolocation to its set of features. Once geolocation is rolled out1, users will be able to see other user’s pins by location. Since pins are always image/photo based, this is a great tool for restaurants, hotels, and/or bars to use if they have stunning dishes or photos available.



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It isn’t clear if Foursquare will survive in the future, but for now there are still several million check-ins per day and is one of the leading location based services available on the internet. It allows users to broadcast their location to their group of friends. Once a user has “checked in” they can review a venue or just leave feedback. It is important for a venue to take control over their business on Foursquare, to encourage posts, and to respond to comments. This is also a great network in which to offer special deals and discounts to loyal customers who have multiple check-ins.



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Did you know that a quarter of Twitter users currently connect with brands on Twitter, and over one-third do so to receive promotions and discounts?

The benefits of using Twitter for businesses are numerous. Organizations can use the platform to s hare links to send traffic to their webiste or blog, keep up with industry buzz, network and engage with like-minded people, provide customer support and, vitally, position their brand’s message directly in front of advocates and fans.



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If you are not using LinkedIn to grow your business, you are missing on a lot of opportunities. The real value of LinkedIn for businesses is to connect one-to-one with other business professionals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter that accommodate both personal and business uses, LinkedIn is a social network built strictly for business.

By building a strong network, many of your LinkedIn connections can introduce you not only to business influencers and partners, but also refer your company to new customers. Additionally, LinkedIn is great tool for disseminating industry news by engaging in group discussions.