Ask anyone who has worked with a variety of tourism actors and they will probably tell you that there are as many ways of doing business, as there are operators. And that’s part of the beauty and charm of the tourism and leisure industry. Entrepreneurs can find something they love to do and build a business around it. As charming as this is, however, it does make it particularly hard to ensure consistency and quality in the development and delivery of products and services. Furthermore, when it comes to web developments for smaller tourism stakeholders, very few providers actually have anything special to offer.

Our aim is to raise quality standards and best practices across the board on web development issues for private tourism stakeholders. The question then becomes, how do we as technologists, innovators and travel professionals help your businesses adopt best practices?

We begin by raising awareness on the issues that matter so that you understand why we choose to provide you with such solutions. How many tourism actors realize that 39% of US consumers have already used their mobile devices for booking in-destination tours, restaurants and hotels? And the trend is growing.

Since travellers are favoring their tablets and smartphones during travel more than their laptops, we assume that this consumer intent will likely increase over time. The issue is, however, that the majority of small tourism businesses are already struggling with how to handle e-commerce and advanced payments are now faced with the challenge of making their businesses mobile friendly.

Although there are numerous factors that could lead to the failure of a business, a lack of available effective online presence and e-marketing strategy for a tourism stakeholder should not be one of them. As the recent level of technical innovation for the tourism sector has shown, there is a thriving opportunity within the sector.

The question is whether or not those of us who build systems for the travel sector will help lead these businesses with best practices or cater to the status quo. We shall strive to provide you with an effective and well designed web solution that is best suited for your market needs.

We aim to execute a complete design & development of a professional website for you. Your cutting edge website should feature all or most of the elements, functions, and specifications mentioned below.
Major Web Technologies

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript

  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS

  • XML
  • API
  • Django/Python



Responsive Design (HTML 5 standards)*


Embedded Google Map


Clean and Modern Design

* Responsive Design

The internet isn’t just available from a static computer screen. It’s now on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and who knows how we’ll be viewing information in the future.

Hence the need for “responsive design” which takes our multiplatform world into account and uses innovative design match the size and shape of any viewer.

Assuming all client deliverables are agreed, the approval of your project will be completed within one month following mockups approval or two, depending on the size and complexity of your website. A down payment of 50% is required on signature, and the remaining 50% to be paid within 10 days of website release.

Website Design and Development Photoshop mockups (Home, Accommodation, Dining, Facilities, Promotion, Contact us, Menus, Gallery, etc.), maximum 2 revisions
HTML and CSS coding of the Photoshop files
Content Management System (CMS) allowing admin to update data in different languages
Documentation on how to use the CMS
Multiple languages website / Copywriting, editing, translation of existing content into different languages
Responsive design (mobile friendly)
Photo and/or Video shooting
One year Hosting and Maintenance 1GB storage space
2GB RAM dedicated server
Unlimited bandwidth
Setting up of the website
Other Options Additional yearly hosting (yearly fee after the first year)
Search Engine on page optimization (one time fee as well as recurring)

Hosting Our websites require a hosting plan that supports the Django, Python, PHP, mySQL, Apache technologies.
City Pass Guide will provide a one-year free hosting plan to the client.
Technical maintenance Based on the details of the system specifications, we recommend a maintenance plan that will include all necessary technical maintenance needs of the website. A free technical maintenance plan is included in the quotation for the first year.

  • To deliver your project effectively, your will provide one main point of contact through whom all feedback and communication will flow.
  • The client team will be responsive and co-operative throughout the project.
  • The client will provide its branding material, including the logo and photos if required (digital source files), the company visual identity kit, content guidelines and other necessary information.

We combine aesthetic, usability on the base of bring out our client’s brand as well as values: