An image is worth a thousand words.

With City Pass’ skills, capacity and experience, we will create a visual impact for your brand portfolio. Our in-house photographer plus our excellent reputation for quality imagery makes us the perfect partner for photo and film production.

Photography plays an integral part in the City Pass brand as our guidebooks are design driven with a strong emphasis on images that portray essence of Vietnamese landscapes and its people. City Pass is committed to producing the highest quality travel images for your needs.

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City Pass offers comprehensive photography and video services specialising in hotels, travel companies  and restaurants (food photography). Our photographer in-house has professional experience creating visual stories in various multimedia formats and is well versed in lighting and composition. We provide a consistent level of service and attention to detail regardless of the size of your establishment: from bed and breakfast to 5 star luxury resort; classic elegance or modern contemporary design.

We are dedicated to attaining the best ‘look’ for your establishment and believe that photography and video present a multitude of benefits that can be integrated with marketing campaigns online and offline.

  • A complete book of retouched photos that provide a high impact experience for customers, prospective clients and users. We have to packages: small (10-15 photos) and full (40 photos).
  • The client will co-own the rights to all photos and will receive all of them in high-resolution.
  • A shooting time is scheduled between the two parties; thus, the client expects the photographer and makes sure the venue and employees look at their best for the photo shoot.
  • The client should prepare a briefing explaining which photos need to be taken in terms of style (panoramas, portraits, action shots, detail, etc.) so that the photographer has a good idea of the client’s expectations before the photo shoot. It is recommended that the client designates someone to accompany the photographer during the course of the session.
  • Our photos have proven to enhance web conversion (turn a hit into a customer) and to improve Google page rankings.

We provide two types promotional videos that mix compelling visuals and storytelling narrative:

  • Extended video that enhances the company’s best features in terms of services and customer care. Dynamic and in sync with background music (royalty-free songs will be taken under Creative Commons.Length: 50-60 seconds.
  • Short promotional video that showcases a special promotion, event or happening worth announcing on its own. Length: 15-25 seconds.
  • We also create longer videos including staff interviews, customer reviews and expert feedback. These are to be defined beforehand so our team can draft a storyboard that meets the client’s needs
  • Footage will be shot with a 4K camera on a shoulder-steady mount as well as a GoPro 4 Black edition. 4K drone footage can also be filmed upon client’s request, taking into consideration the surrounding conditions for flying the drone. Our drone can follow subjects or revolve around them from aerial positions.
  • Company’s logo and colours will be used for branding. Color grading will be used for its edition. We will provide two versions: a HD version and a mobile-ready version (light weight).

Our focus is, and has always been, to give our best efforts to each and every project. Our services are reasonably priced with impeccable high-quality digital images along with timely post-production and delivery.

Stunning Images

We strive to create the most striking images that are specific to your location. Striking images are what drive our brand and this is reflected in the service we offer. Meticulous care is taken to retain the highest quality images from point of capture through  to post production.


Whether working on a brief with your designers or working independently, we are determined to work with you to achieve your vision. A great deal of time, energy and care is spent to ensure that our clients’ needs are not only met but exceeded.


Our photographers have years of knowledge in traditional photography methods that are coupled with the latest in digital processing skills. We believe in taking the right image the first time, and then use digital processing to enhance your image.


Photo Portfolio – Restaurants

Photo Portfolio – Hotels and Serviced Apartments

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