• The role of the Content Manager (CM) wears many hats: sometimes writer, sometimes editor and sometimes manager, there’s no set list of daily duties to accomplish. Simply put, the CM has a clear editorial vision for all Innovo JSC publications, and has the intelligence, charisma and talent to make sure they’re published perfectly and on time.
  • The Content Manager’s duties are both in print, in person and online. He/She is the voice of the company, and should be completely focused on promoting Innovo JSC, and #iAMHCMC. The CM will work under the Production Manager to instill professionalism and grace in all employees at all times. The CM is both a team leader and a team player.
  • Most of the Content Manager’s time is spent in-house, managing, writing, editing and conducting PR outreach activities. The CM will visit and write about new destinations in Vietnam and conduct interviews on a regular basis. For external clients, the CM must research and understand the client’s business activities to assess content opportunities, make content improvement recommendations, and develop and execute content plans that meet the client’s goals. This can be done in a number of ways, across different mediums. The CM should be prepared to take pictures on occasion, have good social media and online marketing capabilities as well.
  • The CM should be someone who loves travel and Vietnam. He/She should a resident preferably or someone who plans to live in HCMC for at least two years. The CM is curious about the way the internet is changing people’s lives, the travel industry and the way we connect with companies through our devices. The CM develops original perspectives with wit and clarity, armed with strong statistics and technical data to build a stronger argument. The CM also has a knack for simplifying complex ideas into human terms, and can articulate his/her opinions with ease to a senior-level audience.



  • Because of the heavy emphasis on writing and news gathering, a successful candidate in this role has lived in the writing world for at least five years and understands how to perform and train others in reporting work. A partial list of these key duties includes cultivating sources, gathering reliable data and creating sensorial, intriguing writing that creates understanding for lay readership.
  • But this candidate is also a generalist, which will enable her/him to successfully execute her/his two other key responsibilities: building the company’s multimedia offerings and strengthening the company’s internal cohesion.
  • This company’s need for fresh content will often require interdepartmental collaboration from staffers who may usually work discreetly. This position’s responsibilities include creating organizational cohesion in the service of enhancing the company’s internal culture. This is done not only through shared work but also extracurricular activities and team-building exercises.
    • Manage the #iAMHCMC Gazette production, from pre-production planning to article creation, editing, layout and design, printing and distribution.
    • Manage the content production activities,through review and optimization of existing content, pre-production planning to article creation, keyword research and optimization, internal and external links insertion, meta-descriptions creation, tags identification and the proper settings for H1, H2, H3 and H4 titles on each web page.
    • Manage third parties clients content productions activities/projects as needed.
    • Actively seek to learn more everyday about digital marketing and effective online content distribution strategies, tactics and SEO.
    • Provide editorial support for Social Media channels as needed.
    • Lead the content team to produce stunning and effective online and offline content.
    • Manage the team’s freelance and in-house writers.
    • Report the freelancer work to Finance Dept.
    • Ensure that all production processes are enforced, improved as needed and up to date.
    • Articulate the company’s expertise in written content production.
    • Develop original, press-ready pieces that combine qualitative insights with quantitative data.
    • Lead brainstorming sessions to generate new content, along with new content distribution methods.
    • Promote content in a way that builds our audience and creates new leads and sales.
    • Collaborate with the team to develop necessary multimedia content that enriches our image.
    • Conduct PR activities with existing clients, as well as attend events, functions and more.
    • Lead the development, approval, training, and communication of new or changed products/services and their associated customer & process impacts on the various internal organisations.
    • Develop & conduct training on new products launched and raise awareness & applications.
    • Monitor internal processes for efficiency and validity pre & post product launch/changes.
    • Deploy a high level of critical thinking in cross-functional process analysis and problem resolution for new and existing products.
    • Coordinate and build strong working relations with various internal and external organisations including: hotels, restaurants, food & beverage suppliers, hospitality, IT suppliers, sales, marketing, product development, operations and the government.
    • Activate / personalize social media channels. Where possible, our official channels should retweet / reblog our staffers and feature staffers’ creations where they can drive audience and enhance company objectives.
    • Plan, schedule and lead team-building activities & exercises with writer team.
    • Manage the freelancer team.
    • Because the gazette is to be done in a timely manner, this position may occasionally need to remain in the office after 5 p.m. The position will document those hours and be responded with remote work time.



  • 4+ years experience as an author/editor of well-performing B2B/B2C marketing content (i.e., articles, blogs, white papers, case studies). Experience that includes pieces on travel in Vietnam a plus.
  • At least 2+ years writing/editing experience with the travel industry. Other experience should include content creation with one or more of the following: large publisher, digital media company, tech company/startup or PR agency.
  • Passion for online and mobile technology, from both a technical and human perspective.
  • Natural storytelling skills that inject emotion into any topic, however complex.
  • Ability to brainstorm, research, produce and promote high-quality content in a short time period.
  • A good understanding of digital distribution, as well as how content is received and shared.
  • BA/BS with a focus on English/Journalism, Marketing and/or Technology.
  • A team player. Someone who has the ability to connect with and understand others in the service of both leadership and cultivating a healthy group dynamic.
  • Experienced storyteller who uses text, audio and video to deliver a compelling narrative.


REPORTING LINE: CEO/ Production Manager


CONTRACT TERMS (FULL TIME): Working Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a 1 hour and 15 minute lunch break, five days a week (Monday through Friday)

Holidays: 15 days + national holidays


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